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How To Get Ahead in Cabaret - Interview with Paul L. Martin

I can’t ever be Bette Midler… but she can’t ever be me either. When we finally use our own voice and stop impersonating – that’s when it gets exciting.”
The London cabaret scene is populated with so many glittering and brightly-feathered birds of paradise, we often wonder how on Earth anyone new could come along and stand out? So we asked an expert! Paul L. Martin (though you might know him as Paulus) has been a part of the cabaret world for over 20 years and has even represented it on BBC talent show, “All Together Now”. We sat down with him to learn more about creating character, standing out and - actually – what cabaret is in the first place.

There are a lot of different answers”, Paul tells us, “the term itself translates as ‘a small room’, so underlying cabaret there is this idea of intimacy – of a performer being close to you and tangible, and of their performance not taking place in a vast auditorium”. Avid readers of this site (and if you’re not avid readers, what the bloo…

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